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Three-month deferral of premiums comes to an end
June 8, 2020 12:00 AM
In March, to do our part to help New Brunswick businesses and provide financial relief during these unprecedented times, WorkSafeNB deferred assessment premiums without interest charges for three months from March to May 2020. Monthly premium payments will resume late June. WorkSafeNB will collect deferred premiums in three equal amounts in June, July and August. Employers who pay premiums annually, and still have a balance owing, must also resume payment at this time.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by phone at 1 800 999-9775 (ext. 4) or email at

Regular Maintenance Window

In order to ensure our information technology (IT) systems are properly maintained, regular procedures must be performed on them. We have established the following maintenance schedule: Wednesday 6:00 pm through Thursday 8:00 am (Atlantic Time)

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During the Regular Maintenance window you may experience anything from slow response, limited access, or no connectivity; or you may experience no interruption whatsoever. Although we do not anticipate the need to use this Regular Maintenance window every week, it is important that you set aside this time and plan accordingly.
Note: Emergency and time-critical maintenance or repairs may be performed outside of the Regular Maintenance window.